8 Benefits Of Using MySQL

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MySQL is an open-source RDBMS or relational database management system. Data is created, modified, and extracted from the relational database by programmers using SQL or structured query language. And data, including data types related to each other, are organized into data tables by a relational database. Though MySQL is mostly used with other programs, it has stand-alone clients as well. Moreover, many popular websites, as well as database-driven web applications, use MySQL. Here are the 8 benefits of MySQL installation and using MySQL.

Data Security

The first and foremost thing considered in any database management system is data security, and MySQL is one of the most secure database management systems. Besides, securing data is of utmost importance since your business could even get compromised without data security. What’s more, MySQL is used by popular web applications like Drupal, Joomla, WordPress and popular websites like Facebook and Twitter. Further, it has security features to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data and is suitable for businesses, especially those requiring frequent money transfers.


MySQL also offers on-demand scalability, which can be beneficial with the growth of data and technology. So you can scale up or scale down your requirements as and when required. Thus, it facilitates the management of applications no matter the amount of data. For instance, it enables you to handle spreading databases, varying loads of application queries, etc with ease.

High Performance

The storage engine framework used in MySQL allows system managers to set up database servers that are high-performing yet flawless. Hence, it can handle a large number of queries your business may receive and still ensure optimal speed. Database indexes, replication, clustering helps boost performance while managing heavy loads.

24x7 Uptime

Being available round the clock is significant for a business to generate revenue. However, MySQL ensures 24x7 uptime with its clustering and replication configurations. When a failure occurs, the cluster servers manage it and keep the system running. And if one server fails, the user will be redirected to another one to complete the query.

Transactional Support

MySQL provides all-inclusive transactional support with several transaction support features. It includes row-level locking, database transactions with ACID or atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability, multi-version transaction support, and so on. After all, if you are looking for data integrity, MySQL gives that as well.

Workflow Control

Furthermore, MySQL comes with cross-platform capabilities, and the time required to download and install it is relatively low. Therefore, it can be used right away once the installation is complete, whether the system platform is Windows, Linux, macOS, or others. Also, everything is automated with its self-management features. Ultimately, it lets you keep complete workflow control.

Reduced Total Cost

MySQL offers reliability and is easily manageable with so many features. As a result, time and money used for troubleshooting, fixing downtimes or performance issues are saved, thus reducing the total cost involved.


MySQL makes debugging, upgrading, and maintenance effortless as well as enhances the end-user experience. Besides, it lets you customize configurations your way, making it a flexible open-source database management system.

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