8 Reasons To Migrate To AWS

Aws Server Migration Service

As technology advances, you can make use of the latest advancements to grow your business. Sticking to on-premise infrastructure today cannot be as efficient as cloud computing platforms like AWS or Amazon Web Services. There are so many reasons why you should migrate to AWS like, security, cost-effectiveness, scalability, disaster recovery, etc. However, when availing of cloud management services, AWS server migration services, or AWS security services, make sure you choose the best server management company offering 24x7 server management. After all, the migration process might not be that easy without support from professionals. And here are the reasons why you should consider migrating to AWS.


Data security is what concerns most when migrating from on-premise data centres to the cloud. AWS comes with better security capabilities that many businesses prefer sellers with AWS bandwidth since it takes care of things an in-house team cannot. Still, before relocating, make sure you understand the data securities that is your responsibility as well as theirs. It is necessary because AWS uses a shared responsibility model.


Scalability is the ability to increase resources or decrease them considering workloads or your requirements. AWS provides you with this feature, and so you can upgrade your capabilities when your service is in high demand. Further, it lets you control your expenditure by limiting resources when there is a shortage.


As you might know, AWS is an on-demand cloud computing platform, meaning almost everything you need is available on demand. Hence, when you require a new service, you don’t have to install new hardware or other components for that particular service. Instead, you can have the flexibility to choose and access the resources or services you want at the right time. This facility could place you ahead of your competitors, especially the ones relying on on-premise infrastructure.


Unlike on-premise infrastructure, AWS does not require setting up hardware or physical data centres. Besides, it lets you equip optimum resources and prevent wastage. Ultimately, you can cut down initial investments and pick an affordable monthly operating cost.

Pay As You Go

When you migrate to AWS, you only have to pay for the cloud capabilities you use. So, you don’t have to deal with contracts and licencing agreements for the hardware and software used. Moreover, you get to employ the most advanced technologies that you might miss out on otherwise.


AWS is a compliant environment for businesses and organizations which complies with their requirements, including data security. Yet, its configuration and maintenance should be performed by IT professionals with in-depth knowledge of the platform.

Disaster Recovery

Another significant reason businesses migrate to cloud-based services like AWS is the ability to recover data in case of a disaster. Thus, it ensures that your data is safe and secure. On the other hand, with physical data centres, you might lose all your valuable data.

Digital Transformation

Furthermore, AWS aids in the digitalization of your business and opens up endless possibilities. Digitalizing the core functionality of your company, such as CRM and SAP, increases productivity, and subsequently, your revenue.

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