Techbrace — Benefits of Outsourcing Web Hosting Support

As you may know, outsourcing is the process of hiring a third-party firm for specific tasks or operations rather than employing your staff. Businesses outsource their non-core functions to focus on their core values, reduce overall costs, and so on. And web hosting support services is one of the functions you can outsource as a web hosting company. Here you will get to know the benefits of outsourcing web hosting support. But before that, here are some of the reasons why you should outsource web hosting support to another company.

Why Outsource Web Hosting Support?
Outsourcing web hosting support lets web…

Techbrace — Some of the Top VPS Management Software You Need to Know About

Virtual private server or VPS management software facilitates the management and allocation of resources as well as helps save time and money. For this, the virtualization software is used to divide a physical server into several virtual servers. And when you hire a VPS management company , they will employ the best VPS management software for you. However, here we will discuss some of the top VPS management software.

SolusVM is a graphical user interface based virtual private server management solution. So it is easy to use and simplifies various tasks like shutting down or rebooting for the administrators. Moreover…

Techbrace — Remote IT Infrastructure Setup

A remote IT infrastructure setup is beneficial for a business in many ways, especially when compared with on-site IT infrastructure. Some of the benefits include reduced costs, improved productivity, flexibility, and scalability. However, you need to ensure the stability of your IT infrastructure to avoid failures when you go remote. Ultimately, you should be able to manage your IT infrastructure remotely. Furthermore, it can be helpful during situations like the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic when going remote is the most appropriate option. And here are the things to consider when setting up a remote IT infrastructure.

List Out All Existing Components

The IT infrastructure of your business is something that needs to be constantly monitored for maximum productivity. And for that, you have to choose the right IT infrastructure monitoring tool. Even though you can rely on outsourced technical support for the IT support of your company, knowing how to select a suitable monitoring solution might be helpful. An IT monitoring tool helps detect any issues and alerts you so that you can get them fixed right away. However, selecting a monitoring tool that meets your requirements can be hard, given the availability of multiple options. …

Techbrace — Outsourced Technical Support

When you own a business, you might want to spend most of your time building your business. Even if you can provide your customers with technical support, it is always better to hire a professional 24x7 technical support company and outsource technical support. Furthermore, it allows you to save money which you can use to build your business. Outsourcing technical support benefits small and medium business owners to a great extent.

Now, let’s get to know what outsourced technical support is and why is it beneficial.

What Is Outsourced Technical Support?
Outsourced technical support, as the name indicates, is the process…

Buying Your First Server - Techbrace Kozhikode

A server is a powerful computer that provides everyone in your business with access to data in a centralized environment. It serves purposes such as email hosting, web hosting and acts as a common space to store files. You might want to buy, replace, or upgrade your server based on your business requirements. For instance, when your business grows, you will have to buy a server to allow your employees to collaborate. However, if you are hiring a company to set up a server, make sure you hire the best initial server setup and management company out there. …

How to Set up a Server for Your Small Business — Techbrace Kozhikode

Setting up a server for your small business will become a requirement once your business grows. A server helps you in the efficient running of your office network. However, you might have doubts regarding setting up a server, especially with a number of options available. Before discussing the initial server setup, let us get to know about servers in brief.

Basically, a server is a computer but a powerful one capable of serving information to the computers of your employees, customers, etc. Thus, it provides multiple users with access to the same data and eliminates the disadvantages of using different…

Sever security at Techbrace kozhikode

With so many websites getting hacked every single day, you can’t let that happen to your business website as well. Besides, you would want to focus on your business goals rather than spending time on securing the servers. However, with the number of server security services in India, all you have to do is hire a company providing server security services and let them take care of your server.

When server security services are in place, your servers are protected from malware and attacks. And here are some of the ways server security services protect your server.

Network Security
Networks, if…

Aws Server Migration Service

Amazon Web Services or AWS, a subsidiary of Amazon, provides individuals and enterprises with on-demand cloud computing platforms based on a metered pay-as-you-go model. Besides, cloud computing is a requirement for businesses looking to offer an economical, flexible, and on-demand storage service. Speaking of cloud computing, the three main types of cloud computing are Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). And AWS is a combination of all the three. Now let’s get to know some of the AWS cloud computing services.

AWS Compute Services
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud or Amazon EC2…

Server Monitoring

The devices that store, process, and provide information to other devices or end-users are called servers. Typically, a server can process a large number of requests at once. However, it is significant to ensure that all the servers in an establishment are performing well when it comes to managing its IT infrastructure. And the process of observing the activity on servers, physical or virtual, is known as server monitoring. Since there is a wide range of servers, server monitoring is a task that takes into consideration all types of servers. For instance, web server monitoring gives information about the performance…


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