All You Need to Know About Server Monitoring

Server Monitoring

The devices that store, process, and provide information to other devices or end-users are called servers. Typically, a server can process a large number of requests at once. However, it is significant to ensure that all the servers in an establishment are performing well when it comes to managing its IT infrastructure. And the process of observing the activity on servers, physical or virtual, is known as server monitoring. Since there is a wide range of servers, server monitoring is a task that takes into consideration all types of servers. For instance, web server monitoring gives information about the performance of web servers. Likewise, there are a number of servers such as mail servers, file servers, application servers and so on.

Hence, the server monitoring tool used and the technical handling required varies from one server type to another. So if you are thinking about hiring server monitoring companies for the job, pick the one that meets your requirements.

Importance of Server Monitoring

Common Server Monitoring Systems

As the name indicates, these monitoring systems involve software installed on your in-house hardware. It requires a large investment at first and a regular maintenance plan. Though on-premise software installations are time-consuming, they give you complete control and the ability to customize. A server infrastructure consultation can assist you in deciding whether an on-premises system or a less expensive cloud system is what you need.

Cloud Systems

Cloud monitoring systems do not require software installations on your physical infrastructure since it is done and managed through the web. As a result, software installations are quicker than on-premises systems. Still, you will be having lesser control over customization. Also, they are more flexible than on-premises monitoring systems.

Mobile Systems

This implementation of server monitoring is an option provided by both on-premises as well as cloud providers to access server monitoring data on the go. So they are not a primary server monitoring system, and as the name indicates, they can be run on a smartphone or a tablet. However, the functionalities may be limited, given that a mobile device is used instead of a traditional PC.

To conclude, servers are one of the important components of a business and with it comes the responsibility of monitoring and managing them. So when picking a server management company, make sure they are capable of providing 24x7 server management. And when selecting a server monitoring tool, go for the one that is reactive as well as proactive.

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