The What, Why, and How of Cloud Migration

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What Is Cloud Migration?

A cloud or cloud computing consists of computer services that can be accessed over the internet on-demand. Public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud are the types of clouds. Further, there are three types of cloud service models, SaaS or software as a service, PaaS or platform as a service, and IaaS or infrastructure as a service. And cloud migration is the process of shifting data, workloads, tools, or applications from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud. It also refers to the process of moving data from one cloud to another. Here is why one should migrate to the cloud and the various strategies involved in the process. It can assist you in choosing one of the best cloud hosting providers in India as well.

Why Migrate To The Cloud?

No capital expenditure: With cloud migration, you will no longer have to invest in expensive hardware. Instead, you can pay as you go, thus helping you shift from a capital expenditure to an operating expenditure.

How Is Cloud Migration Done?

Cloud migration is a process that requires planning before initiating the process. You have to consider the applications or tools you intend to move, why you are moving them, and how you are going to do it while planning. However, the cloud migration services offered by cloud providers follow specific strategies. Each strategy has its advantages and disadvantages. The different cloud migration strategies include rehosting, re-platforming, repurchasing, refactoring, retiring, and retaining, also known as the 6 Rs of cloud migration. Apart from these, cloud to cloud migration and reverse cloud migration are also performed.

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